Paranormal Investigation Nights at the Museum of Colorado Prisons

Please join us for a night of ghost hunting and fun this summer. Learn from the experts on to use the lastest equipment and techniques for capturing proof of the paranormal.


August 31st, 2013
Research in the Paranormal

$35 per person / 7pm till Midnight

September 21st, 2013 people Max)

$65.00 per person / 7pm till 2am


September 28th,2013

Research in the Paranormal

$35 per person / 7pm till Midnight


New Exhibits Featured



Nancy Skeff, former Colorado Department of Corrections worker, collected over 2,000 pieces of inmate art and craft work, poetry, and letters during her 15-year career. Many of the more unique items from her amazing collection are now on special exhibit at the Museum.



Articles and photos documenting the Colorado Department of Corrections Wild Horse Program are on display in the lower level of the Museum. This highly successful program provides for adoption of BLM wild horses after they are broken and trained by inmates in the East Canon Complex.



Department of Corrections K-9 handlers train dogs in inmate searches, contraband and drug searches and explosives detection. Exhibits on display include historical information up to modern day training techniques.